Some examples of the activities that is possible to experience in the Ljustorp area

Ski Touring

Warmer winter with more snow are effects of the global heating. In the winter of 2017 / 2018 we almost had a snow record for Sweden with exellent conditions for ski touring. More than 1,5 meters of dry powder snow. Randoneé, Telemark or snowboard is fine. No altitude as high as in the mountain range but easy to access and fun rides.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is possible in the mountains around Ljustorp. Season normally from December to March. Smaller ice falls is perfect for a first try of this magic dance on frozen water.

Ice Skating

In Ljustorp and surrounding areas we have some excellent lakes in various size for ice skating. We have an early start that can be already in the end of October. Quite safe from mid November. In many of these we can skate in solitude with a good chance to spot wildlife and beautiful nature.